Small Business


Bison Logo is in contract with many small business operations for custom shirts, polos and uniforms in the Buffalo and WNY areas. As a small business operation ourselves, we understand the value of creating a teamwork atmosphere to achieve company success.


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With our work attire embroidery services, your employees will feel comfortable and stylish, while creating a team environment. With state of the art technology, we can embroider your company’s name and/or logo on various articles of clothing. Branding on the back, front, and even the collar is possible with our machines.


Our galleries of customizable shirts, polos and uniforms include a variety of styles, sizes, colors and patterns. Embroidered work clothing is a worthwhile solution for small businesses whether for day to day operations or attending work related events.  Embroidered or printed everyday clothing is also an inexpensive marketing tool that pays dividends.