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One of the most successful ways of marketing a business is giving potential customers something tangible to remember you by. Functional, specialized and customized items are what can be provided by Bison Logo for you company’s next event.

We understand that sometimes, just relaying your company’s name is not always enough for remembering. For this, we have a service tailored to embroidering company names and logos onto promotional items. As a result, you can give customers something that speaks, “Don’t forget about us!”

We can provide just about anything you would ever want your logo on.  A quick list of favorites include custom pens, koozies, bracelets, frisbees, plastic cups, glassware, keychains, and many useful office items. If you’re looking to hand items out or market, this is a fantastic opportunity to do so.


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If you have ideas for custom embroidered items or need assistance with choosing the right products, call Bison Logo today. Reaching goals, achieving success and catering to business convenience are what we strive for.